PRE SHOW (Not @ the Showground office. Phone contact only)

SUNDAY 8am-10am & 7pm - 8pm

MONDAY 9am-1pm & 7pm-8.30pm

TUESDAY 9am-1pm & 7pm-8.30pm

WEDNESDAY 9am-1pm & 7pm-8.30pm

THURSDAY 9am-1pm & 7pm-8.30pm

FRIDAY 9am-1pm & 2pm-8.30pm

SATURDAY 9am - 1pm & 2pm-8pm


SHOW OFFICE during show week @ the Showground

TUESDAY APRIL 23rd - 9am - 11am  then 4pm - 6pm

WEDNESDAY APRIL 24th - 10am-7pm

THURSDAY APRIL 25th - 7am-7pm

FRIDAY APRIL 26th - 7am-7pm

SATURDAY APRIL 27th - 7am-9pm

OUTSIDE THESE HOURS please see the PRE SHOW times for phone contact only.