The Stroud A.H.& I.Association - now the Stroud Show Association Inc - began its life in 1921 to promote and display the produce of the rich Karuah Valley. Every year since then  - and traditionally on the weekend after Easter - the Association has held an Agricultural Show - with the exception of four war years and three complete washouts in the 1990,s..

    Originally set up by the A.A.Company as an amenity for the Stroud community, and under the control of a "Park and Common Trust", the Showground - or Park- has been transformed with buildings and yards and tree plantings into one of the most attractive complexes in the State.

Now under the control of the Mid Coast Council (formerly Great Lakes Council), the Showground hosts the Stroud Brick Throwing carnival each July, the Stroud Rodeo each September, and seasonal competitions and year-round use for Tennis, Cricket, Football, Pony Club, BMX Riders, and a Swimming Pool.

Each year the Show brings together locals and visitors to enjoy displays and creations by district enthusiasts, and the traditional horse sports, cattle parades, poultry and dog exhibits,  and carnival rides of a true


 We're proud of our Showground   ---- We'd like you to see it. 

Written by Life Member John Murray

Stroud Show Association Inc. Since 1921
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